US Tax Services

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Our services concerning US income tax return preparation

Our office  provides full tax preparation services for individuals as well as US entities. Attorney Konstantinos Rokas, Ph.D. has unlimited representation rights before the Internal Revenue Service and has focused his practice on complicated tax matters concerning US citizens with offshore assets or income.

If you would like our assistance to prepare your tax returns, you should contact our office using the link on the top of the page or by phone. We will email you our tax questionnaire as well as provide you with a secure link that you can use to send us copies of previously filed tax returns, tax information documents (e.g. forms W-2, 1099 and others). Once we receive all the information from you, we will prepare your tax return and request your written authorization to e-file your return.


Why work with us

Dr. Rokas:

  • is a licensed US attorney in New York and New Jersey, licensed by the IRS to prepare US tax returns and file them electronically
  • has handled complicated US tax matters for US citizens abroad, including undisclosed accounts under the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.
  • knows the IRS from the inside, having undertaken IT contracts as a contractor for the Internal Revenue Service.
  • has an exceptional education record, having studied at two of the most well known US Universities, Yale and Princeton, with a Ph.D. in economics, solid knowledge of US immigration law (which is often needed when preparing US tax returns) and has attended numerous courses and conferences in the field, while also having been awarded numerous international awards in mathematics.
  • prepares all tax returns personally, limiting assistance by his associates to data entry. Working with us, provides you the opportunity to work with a US tax attorney at fees that approach those of an unenrolled tax return preparer.